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Spring has sprung! As the warmer weather starts to come in, the urge to declutter and freshen up your home often follows. But amidst the cleaning frenzy, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer volume of belongings you don't use daily. Don't let your spring cleaning fling turn into a storage struggle! Pink Door Storage & RV offers the perfect solution to keep your home organized and your cleaning dreams alive. Avoid moving items for the fourth or fifth time while cleaning that don’t have a dedicated space to go! We provide clean, secure storage units in a variety of sizes, perfect for seasonal items, decorations, furniture, or even your RV or vehicle. Freeing up space at home allows for a deeper clean and a more peaceful environment, while your belongings remain safe and accessible in your self-storage unit. So, embrace the fresh start of spring – declutter, deep clean, and store with confidence! Visit us today and let our friendly staff help you find the perfect storage solution for you, so you can focus on cleaning without chaos. Bonus Spring Cleaning Tips: Consider donating unused or gently used items to local centers to free up space without simply throwing things away. Containers are always your friend while cleaning and organizing. Find some containers that help make the best use of your space and make sure you label them as you fill them up so you can quickly and easily find your items later. When cleaning your whole home, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Take on one room at a time, celebrate the small victory when it’s done, and then onto the next one! ...

March 14th, 2024



Pink Door Storage & RV Valentine's Day

Roses are red, violets are blue, why might temperature-controlled storage be perfect for you? Cracked vinyl, moth-eaten sweaters, warped furniture – these are the horror stories of conventional storage. That’s where a perfectly cool (or warm!) temperature-controlled storage unit can save the day. Now, let's explore the reasons why this isn't just a storage solution, it's like a love letter to your treasured possessions! Protection – Extreme heat and cold can cause all sorts of havoc for your stuff. They fade colors, dry out leather, and warp wood, leaving those prized possessions worse for wear instead of safely packed away. Temperature-controlled storage maintains a consistent optimal temperature inside the unit to help protect your belongings and shield them from those elements! Prevention – Creating this consistent environment also helps discourage things like pests and allergens, which is especially helpful for winter jackets or more delicate clothing items you’re stashing away. No need to worry about dust build up, the dust mites that come with it, or mold no matter what time of year. Peace of Mind – Oftentimes items being stored away can carry quite a bit of monetary or sentimental value. You don’t want to stress about those items while keeping them stored away, and a temperature controlled self-storage unit is the perfect answer. You’ll know that your treasures are in the best environment to maintain their condition whether you’re saving them to cash in down the road or making sure cherished photos and heirlooms can be passed onto future generations. Whether you're storing valuable heirlooms, seasonal items, or anything in between, temperature-controlled storage offers a safe haven for your belongings! ...

February 14th, 2024



Declutter Your Space With Pink Door Storage & RV

The firework smoke has settled and we’re already off into the brand new year. As always, the new year brings with it a rush of resolutions. How about a desire for a tidier life and the feeling of a fresh start in your home? But let’s face it, any resolution can end up feeling like you’re scaling Mt. Everest at some points. Check out some of these ideas to help you conquer the chaos and achieve some of those decluttering/organizing storage goals that stick. First things first, it’s good to take a look at the big picture and set some SMART goals before diving in headfirst: Specific: identify specific areas as opposed to thinking about it all at once, like a closet clear out, garage overhaul, or even a kitchen cabinet conquest. Measurable: Set actionable targets, like “donate 5 bags of clothes” or “free up a full corner of garage space”. Attainable: Don’t be afraid to start small, set achievable goals, and celebrate your progress while moving towards the bigger stuff. Relevant: Try to choose goals that matter, are you using that free space for a home gym or maybe a reading nook? Think of the time you’ll save later from being organized! Time-bound: Set deadlines for yourself, schedule sessions to organize and declutter and keep track of your progress. Area-Specific Decluttering Tips: Living Room: Tame the tech: Organize cables (simple zip ties help a ton!), store off-season electronics taking up space on the TV stand, and purge those unused manuals. Create designated zones: Label baskets or establish places for daily use items, games, and blankets to prevent clutter tornadoes in one of the most commonly used spaces. Kitchen: Purge expired pantry items: Donate unopened, non-expired goods to local shelters. Be ruthless with those old spices or food items you just aren’t using! Declutter cabinets and drawers: Implement clear containers and dividers. Out with that chipped mug or cracked glass you’ve been hanging onto, clear up the space or make room for something nice and ...

January 22nd, 2024


Pink Door Storage & RV - Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for loved ones, friends, and delicious feasts. It's a time to gather around the table, share stories, and create lasting memories. But before you can fully embrace all that Thanksgiving has to offer, you need to ensure your home is ready. That means decluttering your space to accommodate guests and storing away your seasonal decorations. Decluttering Your Home for Guests If you're hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, you're aware that having a clean and clutter-free home is crucial. However, with all the cooking, cleaning, and preparation that goes into creating a Thanksgiving feast, finding time to declutter can be challenging. That's where a storage unit comes in. Self storage can provide you with the extra space you need to store away your belongings while you're busy preparing for Thanksgiving. This will free up your home so that you can make room for guests and create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for them and yourself. Storing Seasonal Decorations Thanksgiving also marks the beginning of Christmas decorating preparations. However, if you're still trying to put away your Halloween decorations, it can be overwhelming. Just having a dedicated place for storage can help you take the stress out of finding space in your home to store all of those seasonal decorations. Self storage can be an invaluable tool for preparing for Thanksgiving. Take another worry off your plate and replace it with some roasted turkey or a delicious stuffing! Making sure your space is ready means you'll have more time to focus on what's important: spending time with your loved ones and making memories that will last a lifetime. Additional Tips for a Hassle-Free Thanksgiving · Plan your menu in advance. This will help you avoid last-minute shopping trips and make it easier to prepare your ingredients. · Set up a buffet. This will make it easier for your guests to serve themselves and will help keep the kitchen clean. · Delegate tasks. Ask your guests to bring a ...

November 13th, 2023



We all know that moving can be a stressful time in anyone’s life, so any way to reduce that stress and make the process easier is welcome. A self storage unit can be a great way to help make your moving journey more simple and less stressful! The summertime is the most popular time of year for moves in America, so let’s take a look below at some of the ways a storage unit can help on your next move, whether it be this summer or many summers into the future. Flexibility: With flexible month-to-month leases, you can rent a storage unit for just a month to keep some of those extra belongings out of the way during your move, or an extended period if the moving process takes awhile or you’re making renovations to a home. Our Pink Door storage facilities also have access hours from early morning to late at night so you can get your belongings when it’s convenient for you. Reduce Clutter and Stress: Things being a mess while moving makes it harder to actually move but can also create additional stress that you don’t need! Get some of those bigger pieces of furniture, heavy boxes, or just clunky items out of your way (and out of your mind) by keeping them in a storage unit until you’re ready to move them into your new place. This will make the moving process quick and you can avoid having your brand new home filled with boxes you aren’t ready to unpack. Security: Depending on your move, you may find your belongings sitting in a moving truck longer than you hoped! Keep your more valuable belongings safe in a locked storage unit while you handle setting up in your new home first. Our Pink Door Storage facilities offer fenced and gated locations along with 24-hour video surveillance to help maintain your peace of mind. We also have temperature-controlled units at some locations so more sensitive items can be ...

August 11th, 2023



The 4th of July is a time for celebrating our independence and freedom, and to thank those who have fought to protect our country. It’s a time well spent with family and friends, and this often includes celebrating with popular traditions like camping and boating. Prepping for these trips can be overwhelming at times, but so can storing your RV or boat when the trip is over. Don’t stress! Check out these tips for storing your RV or boat after your holiday fun this 4th of July: Remove all food and debris from your RV or boat. You don’t want to discover a moldy pack of hot dog buns or the lingering smell of trash the next time you’re preparing to roll out! This will also keep pests from trying to get in or cause any potential issues. Clean your RV or boat before you store it. This will help to prevent material build-up, pests, and damage. This can include the exterior of your RV and especially boats after going out on the lake. Don’t forget those internal systems as well like your RV’s holding tanks. Protect your RV or boat battery life by utilizing a trickle charger or disconnecting the cables. This will help to prevent the battery from draining especially when stored over longer periods of time. Some of our Pink Door locations also offer solar-powered trickle chargers to make sure you’re ready to go on your next voyage out. Inspect your RV or boat trailer tires carefully before storing it in your unit. Giving your tires, exterior and interior, a once over before storage can help make sure you catch any issues early. This also means you’ll avoid any surprises when you’re preparing for the next holiday trip! A well-maintained boat and RV can last for many years and will be more reliable and enjoyable to use. One of the best ways to protect your Boat and RV from environmental elements is using a covered or enclosed storage space. At ...

June 30th, 2023



Fall and winter bring many exciting things like family traditions, holiday celebrations, great food, and of course, colder weather. Don’t let the cold weather become a problem for your items being stored. While you’re trading out your pool toys, grills, and lawnmowers out for snowboards, skis, and winter coats; take a few extra minutes to secure your items from the winter chill. Wrap Your Fragile Belongings Wrapping your fragile belongings in blankets or towels will keep them more protected from colder temperatures. Replace Cracked Bins and Ripped Boxes Ripped or cracked bins and boxes can give way to frost, dust, and eventually mold. A simple way to winterize is to replace them. Utilize Palettes to Protect Furniture If you are storing furniture with wooden legs, using palettes to keep the furnishings off the floor will help from the wood warping from condensation. Monitor Your Electronics Keep an eye on anything with a battery or cords. Batteries can erode when left in colder and wetter weather. Remove batteries and make sure cords aren’t exposed. We hope these tips help keep your belongings from chilly winter days! If you ever have questions about winterizing your unit, please talk to one of our facility staff members. ...

September 24th, 2020



When the holidays come to an end and it’s time to take down your festive décor, the method used to pack everything up can make a difference in your new year vibes! Use these creative tips and tricks to make packing and unpacking easier and preserve your decorations- and sanity for years to come. Organization First things first, create an organization system that will make it simple to locate everything. Using festive colored storage bins and at a minimum, a good labels system will make it a breeze to pick out which bins are storing your holiday decorations. You could even go as far as numbering the bins in the order you need them. Ornaments Don’t let your ornaments get damaged or worse – broken. Keep your ornaments protected by separating them from each other. For those fragile ornaments consider the following: Keep ornaments in their original boxes if you can and store those boxes in a plastics bin for added protection. Create an ornament storage bin by using plastics cups, a poster board, and a hot glue gun. All you need to do is cut the poster board down to fit inside the bin, and then glue the plastic cups to the board. This will allow you to drop each ornament into a cup, protected from each other while stacking as high as your bin will allow. You may even opt to purchase storage containers specifically designed to separate, protect and store most ornaments. Christmas Lights Untangling a mess of lights is a surefire way to dampen holiday cheer. Take time this year to create a system for storing your lights, making it easier to pack and unpack in future seasons. First, save yourself time and fix or dispose of any strands that are no longer working. Re purpose any shipping or gift boxes from the holidays and cut yourself some rectangular pieces. Place a 1- inch slit at the top of one long side, and then cut another at the bottom ...

December 23rd, 2019



Preparing your boat for the winter should begin before the first major freezing temperature of the season. While storage facilities can help shield boats from cold weather damage, there is still important maintenance tasks to perform, before moving your boat into a storage unit for the winter. Boats are more prone to damage in freezing temperatures, when they are out of water. Freezing temperatures also increase the chances of engine seizes and other mechanical malfunctions. These tips can help set up and avoid unwanted consequence during the process: 7 Tips to Remember When Preparing Your Boat for Winter: Thoroughly clean (inside and out) with cleaning products Use a cover to place over your boat and make sure it’s tied tightly. Cover the wheels to protect from sun damage (if outdoors). It’s important to make sure the cover doesn’t blow off from high winds DO NOT use a space heater because it can damage your boat and cause a fire! Fog the engine and change the oil (if your engine permits) Fill the engine block with antifreeze; this prevents freezing and cracking of the engine block Fill up and stabilize the fuel tank Think about hiring someone to prepare your boat if you do not have time or are not comfortable doing it yourself. ...

September 25th, 2019



Storage is most useful when people need to move their possessions to a safe place and relocation is one of the top reasons why customers use it.College students use storage when moving to dorms or back home. These units are usually used on a short term basis during summer and winter recesses.Other clients use storage to relocate for business, pleasure and/or downsizing to a new home. Luckily for most, this can be done in a short amount of time! The top 10 reasons why you should consider using storage during a move: Convenience Saves time; Hire people to do move your stuff and store it away! You can lease on a month-to-month basis Flexible and easy to lease for long or short term use Less costly than paying a home rent or mortgage Immediate move-ins and access (Rent a unit and move-in on the same day!) You can collaborate with moving companies to move your stuff Don’t need to physically be on site to move in (not available at every storage location) Makes downsizing easy and clutter free Allows more work space in your home Self-Storage is great for quick and professional relocating solutions. It saves money, time and is hassle free! ...

August 22nd, 2019

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