September 25th, 2019

Preparing your boat for the winter should begin before the first major freezing temperature of the season. While storage facilities can help shield boats from cold weather damage, there is still important maintenance tasks to perform, before moving your boat into a storage unit for the winter. Boats are more prone to damage in freezing temperatures, when they are out of water. Freezing temperatures also increase the chances of engine seizes and other mechanical malfunctions. These tips can help set up and avoid unwanted consequence during the process:

7 Tips to Remember When Preparing Your Boat for Winter:

  • Thoroughly clean (inside and out) with cleaning products
  • Use a cover to place over your boat and make sure it’s tied tightly. Cover the wheels to protect from sun damage (if outdoors). It’s important to make sure the cover doesn’t blow off from high winds
  • DO NOT use a space heater because it can damage your boat and cause a fire!
  • Fog the engine and change the oil (if your engine permits)
  • Fill the engine block with antifreeze; this prevents freezing and cracking of the engine block
  • Fill up and stabilize the fuel tank
  • Think about hiring someone to prepare your boat if you do not have time or are not comfortable doing it yourself.

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