December 23rd, 2019

When the holidays come to an end and it’s time to take down your festive décor, the method used to pack everything up can make a difference in your new year vibes! Use these creative tips and tricks to make packing and unpacking easier and preserve your decorations- and sanity for years to come.


First things first, create an organization system that will make it simple to locate everything. Using festive colored storage bins and at a minimum, a good labels system will make it a breeze to pick out which bins are storing your holiday decorations. You could even go as far as numbering the bins in the order you need them.


Don’t let your ornaments get damaged or worse – broken. Keep your ornaments protected by separating them from each other. For those fragile ornaments consider the following:

  • Keep ornaments in their original boxes if you can and store those boxes in a plastics bin for added protection.
  • Create an ornament storage bin by using plastics cups, a poster board, and a hot glue gun. All you need to do is cut the poster board down to fit inside the bin, and then glue the plastic cups to the board. This will allow you to drop each ornament into a cup, protected from each other while stacking as high as your bin will allow.
  • You may even opt to purchase storage containers specifically designed to separate, protect and store most ornaments.

Christmas Lights

Untangling a mess of lights is a surefire way to dampen holiday cheer. Take time this year to create a system for storing your lights, making it easier to pack and unpack in future seasons.

  • First, save yourself time and fix or dispose of any strands that are no longer working.
  • Re purpose any shipping or gift boxes from the holidays and cut yourself some rectangular pieces. Place a 1- inch slit at the top of one long side, and then cut another at the bottom of the other side. Wrap your lights around the cardboard using the slit to secure the beginning and end of the strands.
  • For some added organization, label each set as you take down your lights so you know exactly where each one goes.

Artificial Trees

The key to keeping your artificial tree looking its best year after year is making sure it’s protected from the elements. While it may seem like a good idea to use the cardboard box the tree came in, cardboard can break down over time, buckle under pressure, and allow dust and moisture to collect. All of which are not ideal for your tree. For this reason think about investing in a good storage system. There are numerous options available to choose from to fit your needs.

  • Christmas Tree Storage Bag for a disassembled tree. Some bags even offer heavy-duty siding and rollers.
  • Upright Tree Storage Bags allow you to keep your tree fully assembled and still protected.

You may even find a plastic bin large enough to fit your tree or opt for a few bins to help distribute the weight if you have a large tree.

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