September 24th, 2020

Fall and winter bring many exciting things like family traditions, holiday celebrations, great food, and of course, colder weather. Don’t let the cold weather become a problem for your items being stored. While you’re trading out your pool toys, grills, and lawnmowers out for snowboards, skis, and winter coats; take a few extra minutes to secure your items from the winter chill.

Wrap Your Fragile Belongings
  • Wrapping your fragile belongings in blankets or towels will keep them more protected from colder temperatures.

Replace Cracked Bins and Ripped Boxes
  • Ripped or cracked bins and boxes can give way to frost, dust, and eventually mold. A simple way to winterize is to replace them.

Utilize Palettes to Protect Furniture
  • If you are storing furniture with wooden legs, using palettes to keep the furnishings off the floor will help from the wood warping from condensation.

Monitor Your Electronics
  • Keep an eye on anything with a battery or cords. Batteries can erode when left in colder and wetter weather. Remove batteries and make sure cords aren’t exposed.

We hope these tips help keep your belongings from chilly winter days! If you ever have questions about winterizing your unit, please talk to one of our facility staff members.

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