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636 S 400 W, Springville, UT 84663

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4 Stars - 16 Reviews
The management recently changed
April 10, 2021
In February 2021 the management has been changed. So I understand the more positive reviews of that time. The lady in charge (Samantha) did a wonderful job overthere and tried to please every customer. So please read the reviews with this perspective. It is not the way it was unfortunately.
This is not the place to store your unit
April 10, 2021
Due to the COVID 19 pandemic we had to leave our RV and pickup truck in UT. And like many other customers we now see an increase in our monthly rates. In my case an additional fee of $145. After a year paying smoothly almost 400 dollars, the manager now decided to raise this amount with 145 dollars. No notification, no contact or at least having the possibility to negotiate again (or decide to move to another facility!), they charged my creditcard. This facility has no power at all. So my two batteries of my ‘brand new’ Ford F 450 and the 2 batteries of my RV are dead and has to be replaced. So for this price you are better off with for example the Full Service Storage facility. This is a very unprofessional way of doing business. Especially when these people know that we are abroad and not able to travel to the States due to this pandemic. So this doesn’t feel right. Contact per e-mail afterwords didn’t changed their view.
Trevor , the manager/pink door. Parker way/ utah
ginni scott
March 2, 2021
This man is a big Plus for your company. He goes out his way to help in any situations when needed. I truly don't know what I would had done without him!
Quinn Dallin
February 19, 2021
Three weeks ago I would have easily given this facility a 5 star rating but can no longer do that! I signed an agreement to store my truck there in March 2020. That has gone very well. In August after considerable effort to compare rates with Storage Units in my area, I signed an agreement for a storage unit and spent several days moving shelving and contents into the unit. The price was presented to me and in writing with a contract and Concession Addendum. I agreed to it and both were duly signed. In Dec & January I was charged more than agreed upon price. I spoke to the manager and she corrected the errors with a credit in February. Just after that I received a notice the rent was more than what was in writing from August. I called and was told the previous price was just on the Concessions Addendum and not the contract so it wasn't valid and they were not going to honor the Concessions Addendum. That is not correct! I work with addendums in my business as a realtor all the time and fully signed addendums to contracts are indeed valid and enforceable. I was also told the contract says the price can change at any time. I do not see that in any of the paperwork. I was also told their representative was not authorized to make the rent concession. It sure seemed to me, she was the one in charge and had proper authority to do so! Was there not someone on site with the authority to sign the contract? Was I supposed to verify her authority to do so? I was also told I could move to a smaller unit! Yikes, another two days work! Or I could move out totally. And if I chose to totally move out before the 10th of the month, the rate would be prorated. Otherwise after the 10th the entire month's rent would be charged. That verbiage is on the rental agreement signed by the same person who signed the Concessions Agreement. So maybe if she was not an authorized signer, none of it is valid? Pricing on a storage unit is a big deal to me but even bigger is a company giving me a written and fully signed contract and then a short time later saying they will not honor it! So how am I going to deal with all of this? I'm still weighing my options of moving, staying with an increase of rent or fighting for enforcement of a fully signed contract! But I would definitely not refer this business to a friend or business associate!
This is an excellent storage facility.
Jamie Ottesen
August 19, 2020
Samatha, is an excellent communicator and very friendly to customers. She is attentive to my needs and always very helpful to me. I have appreciated working with her, handling my storage unit. She always calls me back promptly and is so willing to help with any issues that come up for me. I appreciate tour employee Samatha she makes your business very well run.
April 30, 2020
I was in a emergency move and didn’t have any room to place everything we own. Samantha was so awesome and was able to get us a storage unit in less then 24 hours. She was very quick and profession and has thee best customer service! She really does deserve and 5 🌟
Excellent storage
Rich Nordgran
September 25, 2019
The front office is great and professional. They make sure that you are taken care of and happy. Their units are clean and solid.
Highly recommend
September 7, 2019
This is the first review I've ever done, but I just had to, to let Samantha and Stephanie know how great they were. The facility is clean and secure. The staff are happy to accommodate individual situations.
Excellent customer service
August 13, 2019
We were so impressed with the customer service Samantha provided to us! Samantha is so friendly and helpful. She found the perfect solution for our storage needs. This place has it all- Great property manager, great security, clean facility and ample room for trucks with trailers. I highly recommend this facility for all your storage needs!
The best place to handle your storage needs
Debbie McKane
August 9, 2019
I highly recommend this place for anyone looking for storage. Samantha and Stephanie were top notch and went beyond expectations to help a move that became very complicated. Their customer service was the best I have encountered. They are friendly, caring and know their customers and help them with their needs. We were moving to Hawaii and needed to bring in ocean containers to load into and they helped as well as made sure that our items were secure. The place is very secure as is, but we had items in a truck that they had us park where it could be watched over and made sure that it was well protected. The place is clean, secure, well organized and has room to get large trucks in and around. I have not seen such excellent service and caring.
Las ofertas funcionando y la atencion de la recepcionista es formidable
Maria Paz
May 13, 2019
May 9, 2019
My elderly father went to this facility for his storage needs, he was very impressed with the facility but mostly with the friendly professional Samantha, that helped him, He being English as well, said he felt at home with the courtesy and professionalism that she displayed. He asked me to write this review on his behalf. First rate!
Amazing customer service at front desk
May 9, 2019
I am very pleased with my experience here I have been here for about a year. Currently they have the most amazing woman running the front she is the most kindest caring helpful customer service rep I have ever met I think her so much for her time and for doing such a great job.
Best in area
April 6, 2019
Just rented a unit here and could not be happier. Great security Great property Manager. Fast and professional. Electronic gate with my own code works great. I shopped around for the best prices and even with all the points above they are still the best price also. I really enjoy that I can access my unit seven days a week.
December 3, 2018
“So far so good. They just opened up and are still in the process of building. I rented a unit and they have been nice thus far. Very welcoming and personable office management.” - Amanda Fay, Sept 2018 - Google Review,
December 3, 2018
“Clean, secure, and well managed. Brandon was great to explain all of our options and get us signed up. Gate access has worked without a hitch. Convenient for our needs.” - Roger D Dean, June 2018 - Google Review,
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